Analytic & Insight

     Growing businesses without understanding one’s own product, service, consumers or competitors is risky. Analytic & Insight helps businesses to achieve their goals by providing insights from social media data. The bird’s eye view of the market can prepare businesses for changing markets and prevent them from being left behind by the competitors.
     Analytic & Insight is a monthly report service which helps brands and agencies profoundly gain insightful information about consumers on social media and it also helps answer the following questions:

Market Overview

  • What are popular events or topics that consumers interested in?
  • What reasons do customers and prospects base their decisions regarding the product or service on?
  • Which social media channels are effective channels for target audiences and prospects?
  • When are the most effective days and times to launch campaigns/promotions and to reach target audiences and prospects?
  • Who are positive and negative influencers in each segment of the industry?

Market Benchmarking

  • Where is the current position of the product or service relative to the competitors’ in the consumers’ mind?
  • What is the consumers’ level of satisfaction on the product or service in the market?

Deep-Dive Analysis

  • What specific interests do customers and prospects express on social media?
  • What sentiments do customers have towards the product or service?
  • What specific factors do customers and prospects base their decisions regarding the purchase of the product or service on?

Competitor Analysis

  • What do competitors’ customers talk about?
  • What reasons do consumers base their purchasing decisions of the competitor’s product or service on?

     Gaining insights of customers and prospects and shaping perfect strategies are essential ingredients for winning the competitive edge. Please click here to read about the benefits of social media monitoring for each department of business.