How we work

OBVOC carefully executes our work in order to deliver valuable reports and practical insights to our clients.

Gathering Data :
     OBVOC attentively listens to what people say about brands, products, competitors, industries or any related topics. Our software has been developed particularly to support our team with accuracy, depth and speed.
     We crawl over various sources including blogs, forums, news sites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

Cleaning Data :
     Clean data is critical to successful social media research. Many other providers simply provide their clients with masses of data, taking little care over the relevancy of that data to their clients’ interests. This means the data has low accuracy, and obviously, no one wants to make business decisions based on it.
     We trained our teams of experienced analysts to verify and screen out irrelevant data such as spam, adverts and homonyms to ensure that every single conversation is absolutely relevant.

Analyzing Data
     Each relevant conversation is carefully analyzed by our trained analysts and we use 100% human sentiment analysis so our accuracy of data is more than 95%* making it truly reliable data. Furthermore, by using human analysts, we can customize our data analysis to meet the needs of our clients. Every piece of data is analyzed in 2 different contexts:

  • Topic analysis: points or main ideas of each conversation.
  • Sentiment analysis: sentiment of conversation owners.

Presenting Report
     Different customers have different needs and expectations. Our experiences are based on years of working with top professional brands and agencies, who specialize in various industries.
     Every report is tailor-made so it is uniquely customized with user-friendly appearance and practical insights to ensure a perfect fit for each customer to help achieve his or her business goals.

* Based on our past clients’ reviews of our analyzed data