We’re Different

According to our experience from working with many professional clients, we found that the most important requirements our clients expected from social media monitoring services are data coverage, data accuracy and practical data. After we understand our clients’ needs, we have turned them into our principle values in our social media monitoring services.

Comprehensive Data
     We ensure our clients that they will listen to every voice or mention consumers are expressing and get all of the mentions related to their brands across social media. Our methods of Unlimited Keywords and Client-Targeted Forums enable us to reach all targeted information without any extra charges to our clients.

Data accuracy and quality
     We ensure our clients that the data they obtain is the most relevant and of the highest quality, without any spam or adverts, by using our multi-layer spam filtering process. We give precedence to data accuracy and quality. Our filtering process is a hybrid between software and human to ensure that our clients will receive the most relevant and highest quality data. First, we use our own software to filter spam and irrelevant data from our system and then we use our team to read every single mention to make sure that our data is truly relevant before analyzing them.

Practical Data
     We are determined to deliver the most valuable analyses and reports to our clients. We want our clients to be able to utilize our analyses and reports in formulating successful business strategies. We use 100% human analysts to analyze all consumer sentiment to ensure that our data and analysis meet our client’s objectives. Furthermore, we believe in co-working with our clients in helping them come up with the most valuable results for their business.