Who we are

We aim to be a leading social media monitoring company that speaks for consumers, and to brand owners in order to provide insights for them and help drive their business growth.

OBVOC was established in January 2011. We are the first Thai social media monitoring & research company in Thailand. Our aim is to develop the most valuable services for brands and agencies, and help them unlock the potential of consumers’ voices by providing insights in social media, which has become an important communication channel of this era.

From the beginning, our passion is to provide the most satisfactory services by continually developing and improving the innovative technology, expertise and team skills to facilitate our customers in highly competitive markets. Every piece of work is tailor-made so it is uniquely customized to ensure a perfect fit for each customer to help optimize their business growth.

At OBVOC, we believe in 3 core principles:

  • Quality : quality is the soul of our business and is ensured in every step of our process.
  • Co-Creation : we not only work for our clients but we also work with them throughout the entire process.
  • Time Delivery : we ensure that our work is always delivered to our clients on time.

We promise to continue to deliver practical insights and strive to ensure that our work truly reflects the voice of consumers and helps our clients achieve their business goals.