24/7 Social Monitoring

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     Our 24/7 social monitoring service helps businesses monitoring the 3 types of messages as follows:

Crisis Monitoring
     There are numerous examples of when companies neglected the negative feedback they were receiving from customers via social media sites and, consequently, individual posts got astounding numbers of shares, creating negative buzz and harming the company’s reputation.
     OBVOC can help clients to avoid issues that might, sooner or later, turn into a crisis.

Enquiry & Opportunity Monitoring
     In this era of social media, most customers love to ask others’ opinions about products or services of their interest, enquiring about their lifestyles and needs, to seek the products or services that are most valuable for them. Consequently, listening to their voices and giving advice to them will help create good reputation for the brands. Moreover, this will help accelerate customers’ decision to purchase products or services.
     OBVOC can help clients to explore and identify prospects that might eventually become customers or loyalty.

Competitive Monitoring
     Traditionally, news clipping services used to be the most popular media monitoring tool to track competitors offline. Nowadays, most publishers share their newspaper contents on their websites. Monitoring news websites can substitute traditional news clipping services and also looks more user-friendly.
Furthermore, many campaigns or promotions are launched only on social media so monitoring competitors via social media channels is an efficient and effective way to observe competitors.
     OBVOC can help clients to track competitors’ movements which include general news, PR news, campaigns and promotions.


How 24/7 Social Monitoring service helps our clients?

  1. Listen to negative feedback from consumers and proactively explore the source of the problem before it goes viral and turns into a crisis.
  2. Listen to misunderstanding concerning misperception and misinformation about brands, products and services from consumers and give them the right information in a timely manner.
  3. Listen to enquiries about brands, products and services from consumers and answer any questions they may have in mind.
  4. Listen for “buying signals” from consumers in order to locate and approach the right targets and efficiently raise positive awareness among consumers who are interested in similar products and services.
  5. Listen to the competitors’ movements such as competitors’ activities, promotions and PR news on social media.


Service Level Agreement (SLA)
     OBVOC will notify the client after the types of messages(Negative, Enquiry, Opportunity and competitive topics) agreed upon the in contract are posted. Notification response time depends on the posting methods as follows:

  • New topics/threads/posts : within 1 hour
  • Replies/comments : within 2 hours


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