Campaign Audit

    Social media monitoring can be a new measurement of understanding customers and prospects. The following 3 particular ad hoc services are a new way to carve out customer insights from social media.

TVC Audit:

  • Time-consuming traditional research like Post-Advertising survey is an old-fashioned way to obtain consumers’ opinions. Nowadays, TVC Audit service is a new, efficient and less time-consuming way of obtaining opinions from consumers.

Presenter Audit:

  • Hiring presenters, ambassadors and even influencers are costly. An essential reason for hiring is to create as much awareness as possible to target consumers. By using Presenter Audit service, brands and agencies can measure the impact of presenters, ambassadors and influencers and then rank them in order to choose the most suitable candidates for their brands. Unlike most companies’ measuring method, our measurement is not only based on the number of engagements but also the sentiments of the consumers.

On-Demand Audit:

  • From our experiences, we are confident in claiming that questions about insights of customers can be unlocked by using social media data.

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